Methods and techniques

I use a variety of methods designed to connect you with your own inner knowledge, your intuition, your creative mind and the best possible version of yourself in order to allow you to visualize the life you want and to create a practical, achievable plan of action that will inspire you and take you where you want to go, while helping you remove blocks and unhelpful behaviours that hold you back.


Some of the techniques I draw from are

Expressive Arts Therapy                       Active/guided visualization                               Gestalt

Focusing                                                 Rational emotive therapy                                   Dream work

Sensory awareness                                Cognitive behavioral therapy


My work is different with each person, and I  will design my sessions to suit your individual needs. Our work together will be effective, direct and gentle, and it will get family album 28through to your core issues and address your own individual goals.

I also am an expert in practical methods that will enhance your life, make you more effective and organized, and allow you to achieve your ultimate vision.


Some of the expertise and practical techniques I share are

Professional organization                                                         Financial management                              

Time management                                                                     Planning and implementation

Accountability                                                                             Project management                            

Realistic goal setting                                                                 Systems creation


My services are an overarching experience designed to help you be who you are truly meant to be in your life, your career, your relationships, and in your role as a conscious inhabitant of this world.

Do what you love and be as you wish to be.