Mastermind group

Make 2014 the most amazing year yet!

Accountability is one of the most important factors in accomplishing what you want and what you set up to do with your year.

In the Mastermind Group, a small gathering of the minds will help you to

  • focus your intentions
  • develop and implement an action plan
  • get feedback and bounce ideas and inspirations with like-minded individuals
  • hold yourself accountable by sharing your plans with a group
  • get help with the breaking down of your long term visions
  • share your commitments for the month

The Mastermind Group is a small 5-10 people group that meets virtually each month to share goals, plans, lists, ideas and inspirations and to help each other implement and hold each other accountable.

The Mastermind Group also includes a 1 hr. individual coaching session each month.

The next Mastermind Group starts January 2014!family album 5


$75 a month/ 6 months (January to June 2014)

This price includes

  • a 2 hour long virtual meeting with the group a month
  • 1 hour of individual coaching a month

During this time you will get coaching around

  • life and business planning and implementation for the year
  • realistic and inspired goal setting
  • creative solutions to your life and career problems
  • focusing your intentions so that you know exactly what you want to accomplish for the year and how to do it

The Mastermind group is also an incredible source of support from like-minded individuals that gather together with the purpose of inspiring and boost one another.

To know if the Mastermind group is for you, get a 20 min. free coaching consultation! Contact me to schedule an appointment via Skype.