Happiness and the end of the year

The end of the year is near, and I was compelled to think about the way I would like to end 2013 in the most satisfying way.

I believe that happiness is a measurement of satisfaction in 10 different areas. Part of this definition of happiness is described in the book The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness: Feel Richer with What You’ve Got by Jean Chatzk, and part of it is my own interpretation and observation I have done in my therapeutic practice.

The ten areas that contribute to a person’s happiness are:

  • Brain chemistry – dictated by genes and overall mental healthhappypeeps
  • Primary intimate relationship – life partnership or lack there of
  • Health
  • Job satisfaction
  • Relationships – children, friends. community and tribe
  • Finances – wealth, debt and everything in between
  • Standard of living – a sense of enoughness 
  • Self esteem – opinion of one’s Self, emotional intelligence
  • Body image – at peace with one’s appearance 
  • Transpersonal awareness – a sense of meaning, purpose, transcendence, service or spirituality

I decided to choose one action in each of these areas to do before the end of the year, to end the year in a high note and to be ready for my 2014 plans. The actions can be very simple – in fact, it is better if the actions are simple and easy to achieve with the most amount of joy.

Some of my actions include going to yoga, paying my bills on time, going on a date with my partner, and dancing at least once before the 2013 is over.

If you wanted to end 2013 in a high note, what could you do?